CC4ICC is currently working with the OEDIT to assist small businesses in their capital raising efforts. Specifically, the object of this partnership is focused on assisting businesses in Colorado's Opportunity Zones (OZ) as part of the OEDIT's Opportunity Zone Program. Services provided are free of charge to those businesses who are selected to the program. 

Free Business Consulting and Capital Raising Support

What CC4ICC Will Assist Companies With:

- Building a Proforma
- Developing a Pitch and Marketing Materials
- Generating Relationships with Potential Investors 

How To Get Involved:

CC4ICC is currently in the second round of accepting applications. This round, CC4ICC will be helping an additional six businesses in their capital raising efforts. If you are a businesses located in or willing to relocate to an Opportunity Zone and wish to begin the application process, please click the "Apply Here" link below.    


Apply Here